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Dear Michwave Customers,


During these unprecedented times we want you to be aware that we are fluidly changing our installation schedules and procedures to adapt to current events. Our technicians are being very conscientious about sanitary practices and conditions in an effort to avoid transmission of this latest virus. Please let us know if you have concerns with a technician entering your home. Further, please be transparent regarding any illnesses in your home to protect our technicians. Michwave technicians have been given strategies to protect themselves and may also be required to reschedule or do a minimal installation for the time being with a follow up visit at a later date.


We ask that you are understanding and remain in good communication with us during the coming year, and that we want to be understanding to our customers as well.


We also want to make note that bandwidth usage is up significantly. Most customers connections should remain optimal however occasional ‘slow downs’ may occur. If you are however experiencing lengthy or constant slow downs, be sure to try rebooting your router and internet equipment. Further, let us know if that doesn’t work so that we’re aware to investigate your connection.


Michwave Technologies Inc.