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We are Unlimited and Engineered for High Capacity.

Serving Commercial and Residential in West MI

Supercharged Internet

Michwave can deliver 10Mbps-1Gbps speeds to customers.

Engineered for capacity

Michwave engineers each connection for high capacity.

Local Support

Expect quick and direct communication by our support team.

Clear & Simple

Our prices are public and terms are clear. No more fine print or hidden fees.

Our Services

Michwave's focus and core business is delivering high speed internet to your home or business. Due to the variations in equipment, we have different monthly pricing plans dependent on where you live and whether you have "line-of-site" to our tower. To speed up the installation process or just receive a call back, please fill out our site verification form.


Michwave offers dedicated business connections so the bandwidth is always there when you need it. You get what you order and it's amazing.


Michwave serves mostly rural areas with UNLIMITED data usage plans using the fastest and lowest latency equipment available.


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Unlimited Usage

No bandwidth caps! Michwave allows you to browse all month long without overage charges.

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Don't be lured by the competition's 6-12 month 'introductory' pricing. With Michwave there are no surprises!

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Works For Everything

Unlike other systems like satellite, Michwave is ultra low latency for snappy browsing and gaming.

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