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Fiber Residential

Michwave is now offering a new connection method….FIBER! With fiber, the capacity is HUGE.

Yes, this is the same fiber method you’ve read articles about….but now Michwave is bringing fiber to specific areas in West Michigan! Initially deployment will be very limited and will be gradually expanding over the coming years. 

Posted by Christine Ottoni | February 9, 2018| Category: Ting Internet

Increase home value with a fiber Internet connection

Did you know fiber Internet can boost home value?

2015 study commissioned by the Fiber to the Home Council Americas (FTTH) found that the impact of fiber on property values can be more than three percent. On a $300,000 home, that’s a $9,000 boost.

A fiber connection has an impact on home prices similar to other home improvement projects. Many homeowners opt to renovate and upgrade their homes and properties. These improvements, like redoing the kitchen, putting in hardwood floors or investing in landscaping, can be attractive features to prospective home buyers.

The increase calculated by the FTTH study was $5,437, based on the value of an average US home. To put that boost in perspective, it’s equal to adding a fireplace, half of a bathroom or a quarter of a swimming pool. Not literally, of course; no one wants a quarter of a swimming pool.

Today, people are shopping for more than just curb appeal. They’re looking for a quality Internet connection.

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Michwave Fiber

Monthly Speed: 25Mbps to 1Gbps (depending on package section)
Monthly Cost: Varies (depends on location)
Installation Cost: Varies (depends on location)